MicroDoers founded by a group of experts in embedded systems, mobile applications, IC, MEMS, project and quality management and backed up by our experienced team in serving world’s famous automotive and consumer electronics makers, MicroDoers is heading to realize its vision to be a world-class reliable services provider of smart products and solutions.


MicroDoers boasts an outstanding team experienced in mobile applications, embedded software design and development as well as hardware design. Having worked with world-class global IT, EDA, automotive, aerospace firms, MicroDoers team is able to provide highly innovative and smart solutions/services in different areas such as mobile applications, consumer electronics, safety, security and automotive.

Why Choose Us?

Our team members hold postgraduate degrees in engineering and business.  In addition, MicroDoers is developing a network of reliable and trusted partners in manufacturing and distribution which enables the company to have a global reach.


Having a team that works in different locations remotely or on-site, our team is able to respond quickly to clients from different time zones and locations.


With more than 20 years accumulated experience in software and business domains, our team has great experience in software architecture and is able to take full control of an app from requirements to testing.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.