Smart Mobile Solutions

Mujaddid (GPS, Google Maps, Auto Location Detection).

It provides accurate Prayer times and Qibla direction anywhere in the world. GPS tracker used to accurately locate current user location and calculate prayer times according to that location. We also provide driving directions details to many pre-defined Mosques.

The basic app features include:

  • Auto location selection to calculate Prayer times.
  • Receive timely Prayer time notifications with the ability to select preferred calculation methods.
  • Beautiful Adan’s provided by several inspired WDM Community Muezzins
  • Full Adan playback inside app settings.
  • A useful Masjid Locator that displays the nearest WDM Community Masjid and map it.
  • The full address & driving directions to all 200+ WDM Community Masjids around the country.
  • An accurate compass to locate the direction of the Qibla from anywhere in the world.
  • A well-designed user-friendly interface with an amazing theme.
  • Integrated with Parse for masjids data.