Bluetooth Ball

Embedded Solutions

  • Communication with Bluetooth devices.

In this app, we designed an interface for communication with Bluetooth devices.  The app generally scans for Bluetooth devices within range. Then displays them to the user and allows him to choose the preferred device. Then the app establishes a connection between the iPhone and the paired Bluetooth device and the two devices exchange user-defined data.

This project is especially unique in the sense that it allows communication with hardware via Bluetooth to exchange any type of predefined data. Then the app draws the results in the magnificent design elements provided by Apple to give the user a great user experience.

  • Online game.

Here we implemented a simple game between users that are not co-located. It is an online game where users have to register to the server, and then they allowed to view online users and initiated games with multiple friends.  Each player gets his turn to play then the results sent to the server. The results calculated in the cloud and then sent to back each user.

  • Statistics and graphs.

Results then plotted in different UI formats. We also make use of the APIs provided by Apple to create the suitable graph plot for each statistic type. Linear graphs, pie charts and gauge plots are some of the views we create for users to view their results.

  • 3D Model.

                Finally, we plot a 3D view of the trajectory of the object in the air. We provide three different view angles: elevation, side view and plan. In addition, the user had the great experience of interacting with the plot. Zooming the view and rotating the model to view different views of the isometric are the intuitive interactions that the user allowed to make. In 2D simulation, it displays the ball motion across x, y; user can play, stop and resume this motion.